5 Possible ways to deal with examination tension

Are you that kind of person that always experience or have tension when you're set for an examination, this post is for you.

Having tension which do sometimes lead to failure in examination is a serious and very rampant case across the globe. As we grow everyday, so do we learn new things, today I will share 5 good tips you can follow to overcome examination tension.

Handling tension is therefore a skill you’d really not want to do without as a student.
In other to help you develop this skill, I have enumerated from my experience several Ways Of Dealing With Exam Tension.

1.Get Prepared for the examination on time:An adage says "make hay when the sun shine" which means that do the right thing at the right time. Most of people suffering from examination tension are said to be people who usually fond of reading and preparing for exam when the exam time is close. So for you to fight off the examination tension, cultivate the habit of preparing for exam on time.

2. Stop all readings 1hour before the examination time: Do away with the habit of reading or taking your materials to the examination centre. In so doing, you will be free from invigilator shouting at you which can also cause examination tension.

3. Be confident and positive: Be confident and positive, Sounds easy but it has been discovered that a great number of students focus more what the lecturer didn’t teach well or what is so difficult about the course and so many other negative thoughts and ideas.

4. Eat light food: According to the report by Psychological foundation of US, it is brought to our notice that eaten heavy food before examination may leads to examination tension.

5. Commit your exams to God in prayer: A very important tip indeed but usually treated as least important. According to a popular saying, ‘prayer moves the hand that moves the universe’. This is an indisputable and proven fact.

So that's it, we advice you to stick to the above tips in order  to fight off the examination tension. Please share with your friends to save someone.

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