Peter Cech Finally Reveals The Reasons For His Move to Arsenal

Chelsea Ex-Goalkeeper Petr have just reveal the main reasons for his move to North London P.K.A Arsenal.

The former Blues' goalkeeper has explained to the BBC, what were the reasons behind his move to Arsenal.
"It was the hardest decision I have made. I felt so good and in good form that it would be a waste to sit on the bench.

"I considered [the fans] heavily but sometimes you need to make the right decisions. I had offers from different clubs and different leagues but I wanted to stay in the Premier League.

"The main decision was the challenge of bringing back the title. We have never won the Champions League as Arsenal Football Club. That was another part. I won everything with Chelsea, why not try to do the same with Arsenal.

"That was my motivation and it still is. Every day I go to work and do my best because I believe it is achievable."

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