Waec 2018 Geography (Practical and Physical) OBJ & Theory/Essay QUESTION AND ANSWERS

Geography Theory Answer

(ii) sinkholes
(iii) skyline landscapes


(i) Limestone are all used to neutralise excess acidity of soil in agriculture practice.
(ii) Limestone is used as a building material.
(iii) It is used in industries to purify iron in blast furnaces.
(iv) It used in Glass making

Draw the diagram

Lunar eclipse or eclipse of the moon is a situation whereby the earth comes between the sun and the moon in the straight line. Then a shadow from the earth covers the moon, which means that the moon is completely shut off from the sun's light.

(i) Great circles divide the earth into two equal halves..

(ii) They run from the north to the south pole except the equator that run from the East to the West through the centre.

(iii) The centre of the great circle is also the centre of the earth.

(i) They are used to determine the location of a place on the surface of the earth.
(ii) They are used to determine the local time.
(iii) They are used to determine Change in seasons.

(i)Encroachment : More migration lead to less availability of land which lead to higher economic value of land.

(ii)Pollution: Explosive increase in the urban population without corresponding expansion of civic facilities such as lack of adequate infrastructure for the disposal of waste results in waste clogging the natural channels and storm water drains.

(iii)Illegal mining activities: Illegal mining for building material such as sand and quartzite both on the catchment and on the bed of the lake have extremely damaging impact on the water body.

(iv) Interference in drainage system: Drainage congestion caused by badly
planned construction of bridges , roads , railway tracts, hampers the
flow of water and the result is flood.

(i) Flooding leads to loss of human life
(ii) Flooding leads to damage to property
(iii) It leads to destruction of crops

(i) Improving Drainage: Improving water drainage helps control floods by
facilitating easy flow of excess water, especially in urban areas during flash floods.

(ii) Building Dikes and Levees: Dikes and levees are flood-control structures built to fight river flooding and water surges.

(iii) Building Canals: Canals are artificial water channels that can be crucial to flood prevention . Canals facilitate control of water levels passing through , and form linear reservoirs and water
locks .

(iv) Harvesting Rain Water: Harvesting rainwater involves collecting and storing rainwater and can not only prevent floods , it can also curb urban water scarcity.

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