Neco GCE 2018 Practical Biology Answers/Expo/Runz

Neco GCE 2018 Practical Biology Answers/Expo/Runz


Experiment to demonstrate osmosis in a living tissue(Yam tuber)


A-The volume of the sugar solution in the yam tuber increases

B-The volume of water in the yam tuber remains unchanged


It serves as the semi-permeable membrane


Set up B serves as the control experiment


-Cellophane paper

-Pig bladder


-It makes osmo-regulation possible

-It enhances regulation of waterin the urinary tubules




I-Webbed digit



V-Nictating membrane




-Possesion of webbed digit for swimming

-Possesion of wide mouth for sieving and eating

-Possesion of long hind limb for escape




I-Neural spine

II-Neural arch

III-Neural canal

IV-Vertebraterial canal




1bi) Specimen c = Toad

1biii) Class Amphibian

1biv) – For vison

         –  Locomotion


2ai) E = Tomato Fruit

       F = Cowpea fruit

       G = Coconut fruit

2aii) E = Man

         F= Explosive mechanism

         G = Water

2aiii)  i – Stalk

           ii – Endocarp

           iii – Seed

           iv –  seed

           v – Endocarp

           vi – Mesocarp

2bi) Bird

 2bii) Aves

2biii) i – Head

          ii – Beak

          iii – Opening into the eye

          iv – Wing cover

          v – Foot

          vi- Claw


       i – For picking grains

       ii – To detect Vibration

       iii-  For flight

       iv – for scratching the sand or fround

       v – For steering during flight



I structure of the sperm >>spermatozoa

II. Acrosome

I. Nucleus rich in DNA

III. Mitochondria

Iv.Tail sheath

3i. It enhances penetration of eggs during fertilization. 

ii. Help to move

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